Irregular Days

Note:  This story is fantasy.  I am not sure if I have to say that every time, but for some of the more stupid people out there:  this is a fantasy.  If you are offended by sex, spanking, punishment, or anything that Miss Manners wouldn’t approve of, leave.  It’s also a little harsh and raw. Otherwise, enjoy! And let me know what you think.  -K


In the morning, I have to be by the bed, kneeling and waiting.  When he wakes up, sometimes I have to suck his cock before he gets up.  Most of the time, though, I stay kneeling until he gets into the shower and calls for me.  In the shower, I either have to go down on him or he pushes me against the wall and fucks me.  The water always gets into my eyes and burns and sometimes the floor is slippery. 

I have to follow a specific routine in the shower.  If I have to suck him, I get on my knees with my hands behind my back.  If I don’t do a good job, he will grab my hair and force himself into my mouth and make me gag.  Sometimes he will slap my face with his hand or cock and make me start over.  If I move my hands to steady myself from falling over, I get a big punishment when the shower is over.  But if I do a good job and make him happy, he cums in the shower and lets me take a shower after he is finished.  If I mess up really bad, he will finish his shower, turn the water off, and make me lie down in the tub with my arms over my head.  Then he will cum all over my body.  Sometimes, if he is really mad, he will piss on me too.  I have to lie there until he tells me to move afterward, and on those days if I am not in school I am not allowed to get dressed.  If I do have school, I have to get dressed without washing.  He will say “You can  smell like a nasty whore all day until you learn.”

After breakfast, I get a spanking.  I usually get it in my bedroom with a hairbrush.  I have a special chair for my morning spankings that I sometimes have to bend over or kneel in.  Sometimes I go over his knee for my morning spanking. 

If I have done something wrong that morning, like in the shower or not being ready on time, I get what he calls “a taste of tonight.” That means I get five licks from whatever I will get punished with that night.  If I have a very bad morning, it might be more than one thing.  Once, I disobeyed him twice in the shower and I was late to get downstairs.  I got five licks of his belt, the paddle, and the cane.  That night, I got the rest of my punishment and it was awful.

I get home from school before him, so I have to do my homework and tidy up the house before he gets home.  If he finds something out of place or my homework is sloppy, I will get a punishment.  If I try to explain or make an excuse, I will get double, so I try to do everything right the first time.

My punishments always happen after dinner.  I have ten minutes to go to my room and get ready.  I have to be washed and clean-shaven on my legs, underarms, and pussy.  At the end of the ten minutes, I have to be on my knees next to the couch, waiting with my hands behind my back.

I have to ask for my punishments.  I have to say “I am so sorry for (whatever I did).  Please punish me.”  Then I have to unzip his pants and lick his balls and suck his cock until he is hard. 

I get punished in a lot of different ways.  I may get the belt on my ass or my breasts or my pussy.  I may have to stand up with my legs open and my hands behind my head in the middle of the room and get flogged or whipped.  Sometimes I have to hold an object in my ass while I am spanked and if I let go, the whole punishment starts again.  I have many different punishments, but that is a story for another time.   I can tell you that when I get punished, if I move out of position or speak without permission or anything like that, the whole punishment starts over, even if I standing in the corner at the very end!  I don’t like these punishments, but no matter how bad they are, I usually get all tingly and sometimes I even get wet.

After I get my punishment, I might have to stand in the corner for a while.  Sometimes I have to kneel on all fours in the middle of the room with my ass in the air.  After that I have to say, “Thank you for my punishment.”  Then I have to take his cock in my hand and rub it until it is hard again.  When it is hard, I have to say “I am sorry that you had to punish me again.  Please fuck me so that you can have some pleasure after punishing me.”

After that, he fucks me however he wants.  Sometimes it in my ass, sometimes I have to get on top, or sometimes I have to bend over the couch.  Whenever he fucks me he always spanks my ass with his hand, no matter how hard my punishment has been.  Right before he cums, he always stops and makes me lie down on the floor. He checks to see how wet I am.  I have to touch myself and get myself off.  If I am really wet, he might take his belt off and spank my breasts while I am doing this.  I try not to get wet but I just can’t help it sometimes.   This makes me even wetter and I have to wait until he tells me to cum.  I am not allowed to ask to cum and if I cum without permission…it’s very, very bad.  I have only done it once, and I will never do it again.  Once I cum, he cums too, all over my body and face.   I have to lie very still. 

After that, I have to lie there until he tells me to move.  I might have to go kneel next to the couch or he might send me away to bed alltogether.  Sometimes, I have to lie there all night until the next morning when he calls for me. 

That’s a normal day for me, but sometimes his friends come over on the weekends, and it’s a completely different type of weekend.  When my parents are home, it’s only for a few days at a time, and those days, it’s different too.  No matter who is there, I know that my step-brother is still really the one in charge and I still get punishments and fuckings in my bedroom or his.