This is designed to be a collection of stories that have been in my head since I was sixteen.  When I was sixteen, I read a story on a lesbian website that was what I would now call vanilla, but there was a very brief, light scene of spanking.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and for two years, I looked (I guess that was illegal at my age) for spanking stories and erotica.  I immersed myself completely in spanking fiction, BDSM erotics, slave stories, and more.  I read them all, M/F, F/F, M/M, stories with sex, without sex, consensual, non-consensual.  Almost all of them appeal to me on some level. 

My goal here, then, is to take the irregularities I dreamed up over the years and publish them here.  Most writers tend to stick with one “type,” like, say, domestic discipline stories or ageplay stories.  I like it all, and want to write it all.  While I do tend to favor a belt as the implement, I am trying to get out of that zone to appeal to more people.

With that being said, I don’t want to waste my time writing if I suck at it.  These stories have been in my head for years, I am not going to forget them.  I want to share them with everyone else.  Please leave feedback and comments so that I know what I could do better or what I should write more of or if I should stop altogether. 

With regards to me, my personal life is personal.  I am, however, happily partnered with my girlfriend of nine years (since I was 15) with two cats and a dog. Our life is awesome.

Nevertheless, this is an escape from reality into my irregular fantasies.  I hope that they lead you to some of your own. 


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